How to Change Bathroom Baseboard

Is your bathroom due for an upgrade? Many people love to remodel their bathrooms because the space gets more traffic than other rooms. Also, with all the moisture in the room, walls and floors can wear down quicker. Often, one of the first things that needs to be remodeled in a bathroom is the baseboard. The wooden molding can get warped when it gets wet. This article explains how to change your bathroom baseboard.

Remove Your Old Baseboard

Usually when molding is water damaged, it will pull away from the wall, and this could make it easier to remove. But if your old baseboard is still securely attached to the wall, you will need to cut away the caulk so you can pry the baseboard away. Use a utility knife to cut through the caulk on the top and bottom edge of the baseboard. Then, using a hammer and chisel, you can pry away the board. If you can see the nail holes in the baseboard, you should pry near them. This will prevent that baseboard from breaking and make it easier to remove in one piece. Since the nails have no head, they will often stay attached to the wall and pull straight through the baseboard. If so, using a nail puller or wrench, pull any remaining nails out of the wall.

Cut the New Baseboard

Cutting the new baseboard is usually the hardest part because you need to be precise. You will get the most accurate cuts with a miter saw. You will need a saw that can make angled cuts. It is best to cut to 45-degree angles where the molding meets at 90-degree corners.

Install the New Baseboard

Installing the new baseboard will require the use of a compressor and nail gun. You want to use a nail gun with small pinner nails. These have no head so they don't leave a big hole. Try to nail the holes into the wall studs. After the nails are installed, you can caulk the top and bottom edge of the baseboard. This is very important because the caulk seals the molding and blocks water. You can also use the caulk to fill the tiny nail holes. The final step is to paint the baseboard.

With new baseboard, your bathroom will look more trendy. Since bathrooms are so small, they are a great place to learn how to cut and install molding. You can easily rent all the tools that you don't already own. For further advice or ideas, speak with a representative from Foothill Bath, Kitchen, Window Corp.

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