Smelly Kitchen Cabinets? Here's How To Save Them

Kitchen odors are undoubtedly distracting. If the odor has spread to your ingredients, that's an even bigger problem. You certainly don't want to be cooking with ingredients that smell bad, nor do you want to prepare food in a kitchen that feels gross. You don't want to be working with cabinets that smell like pets, rotten food, or something that has spilled. Follow these steps to clean up the mess effectively.

1. Remove everything from your cabinets. Toss items that have been affected by the smell so much that you cannot rinse it off. If you put food, bowls, or any other item back into the cabinet while it smells, it could lead to your entire cabinet smelling bad once again.

2. Depending on the size of your cabinet, you need between one to three bowls of either white vinegar or bleach, whichever you feel most comfortable using. Here's the twist: you need to leave the bowls inside your cabinets for about a week for the best results. Any less and you might still find bad smells are pungent. You might want to start with vinegar and only graduate to bleach if that solution does not work for you.

3. Is the smell persisting? It could be time to go for something stronger. Mix about half a cup of rubbing alcohol and one pint of mineral oil. Use the concoction to wipe the inside and outside of the cabinets. Don't forget to wipe any attached drawers that could bring the odor back. This prevents new smells from popping up as well.

4. Sometimes a simple layer of paint can make changes to the smell of your cabinet. Not only does paint carry a scent of its own, but it also has the power to cover up material that might be causing the bad odor to begin with.

5. Take a look at your cupboards. Are they made of a porous material, like unpainted wood? Is the smell musty? It could be that the bad smell is coming from the wood. If you don't replace the wood, that bad smell is going to keep coming back. New kitchen cabinets may be on the horizon.

There are plenty of ways to prevent your cabinets from getting smelly, but it can be difficult to clean them once it happens. If you do decide that the process of cleaning your cabinets is not feasible, speaking to a renovation expert, like those at Rynone Kitchen & Baths and other locations, can help you find the perfect solution to the problem.

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