How To Reduce The Cost Of Your Window Replacement

Installing new windows in your home is obviously a huge investment. The cost of the actual window fixtures, coupled with the rather intense and time consuming labor, make it an expensive project. However, it is still a very smart remodel because it gives the inside and outside of your home a facelift. In some ways, it is like getting two remodels for the price of one. But, there are still ways you can make the project a little more cost effective. This article explains a few simple things you can do to your fixtures before the professionals come to install the new product.

Getting A More Accurate Estimate

Most window installers will calculate your labor and give you a flat rate quote. However, they can always increase your bill if there are unforeseen complications when it comes to removing the old windows. This is a common issue on windows in older houses. If your house was built before certain building codes were adopted, it is hard for the window installer to predict how difficult it will be to remove the old windows. You can actually help reduce the amount of guess work and save money by starting some of the window removal on your own. Of course, you won't be able to remove the actual window fixture, but you can start to remove the wooden casing and molding around it. Once this is done, the installer will also be able to see exactly how the windows are secured to the house frame and give you a more accurate (hopefully reduced) estimate.

Removing the Casing

Removing casing from a window fixture is actually very simple. All you need is a hammer, two chisels and a box cutter. First, cut away all of the caulk along the edges of the casing. This breaks the seal and allows you to use the hammer to drive the chisels beneath the molding. Then you can can pry the molding away from the wall and window frame. This is very easy if your casing is not attached with any glue. However, if glue was used, you will just need to pry a little harder.

Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to quickly remove the casing from all of your windows. If you're able to do this on the inside and outside of your property, it can be a very smart investment. You can significantly reduce your labor costs and be more prepared for the professionals to come in and finish the job. Contact a business, such as Another Estimate LLC, for more information. 

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