Need More Storage In Your Kitchen? 3 Ways To Add More Cabinets

Certain features or a lack of them can easily get in the way of fully enjoying your home. In the kitchen, one aspect that you should not overlook is storage space. Minimal storage forces you to shop for groceries every couple of days, which prevents you from taking advantage of great sales on a weekly basis. It also makes it difficult to store a wide variety of ingredients that allow your cooking repertoire to be vast and flavorful. Fortunately, you can find several ways to add cabinets to a big or small kitchen.

Above the Range Hood

An easy way to get in a little extra cabinet space is to put cabinets above the range hood. They may only be about a quarter of the size of a standard cabinet, but even that is enough for valuable storage. You can use the space for storing spices, unopened sauce bottles, and other small food-related items.

Built into an Island

If you want to maximize functionality in the kitchen and gain plenty of storage space, you should build an island. It will naturally give you counter space that you get to determine exactly how you want to use. Focusing on cabinetry and storage is great and entirely possible with pre-made or custom-built islands. You can even add some open cabinets to make it easy to access things like pots and pans.

By choosing a custom-built island, you have more control in how much you spend and you can specifically design it with maximizing storage over any other features. Although it depends on a lot of variables, you should be able to find a professional to install the island for around $700 to $800.

Next to Countertops

When you have extra space in your kitchen that is not currently taken up by appliances or countertops, you should consider installing cabinets that span from the floor to the ceiling. This also gives you a lot of customization to choose from as you can get one or two large cabinets, or you can break it up into smaller ones.

Adding cabinets to your kitchen can really transform the space and the experience you have in this room. By making some or all of these additions, you will no longer have to worry about a lack of storage being an obstacle in serving the food you want to cook or buying items in bulk to take advantage of sales. Contact a business, such as Olson Cabinets & Woodworking Inc, for more information. 

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