How To Install Glass Shower Door Kits

Most homeowners prefer having a sliding glass shower enclosure instead of a traditional curtain and rod system. These not only look classier, they are also easier to clean and better at keeping water inside the shower enclosure. You can buy simple glass shower door kits that are actually very easy to install on two standard bathtub basins. This article explains how these kits work and how to install them on top of fiberglass tubs. 

Tools You Need for the Project

The kit will include pretty much everything you need, including screws for attaching the tracks. In addition to the kit supplies, you will also need a power drill, a level, a hacksaw, a measuring tape, and silicone caulk.  

Installing the Bottom Track

First, you need to install the track that mounts on the bathtub rim. The key is to center it on the top of the rim. First, you need to cut it to the right length with the hacksaw. Most tracks are made out of aluminum or vinyl so they are very easy to cut. Use the included fiberglass screws to attach the track to the tub.   

Installing the Side Jambs

The side tracks do not need to be cut at all. They are already cut to perfectly fit the height of the glass doors. However, you need to carefully level them before you attach the screws. The bottom part of the jambs fits right over the bottom track. Then, as you hold up the side jambs, you can attach a screw at the top (there are already pre-drilled holes in the jambs and tracks). Double check the levelness of the jambs before attaching the remaining screws.

Installing the Top Track and Hanging the Doors

Installing the final, top track is the easiest. It snaps right onto the top of the jambs. It does not need any screws or fasteners. Now, you can bring the doors in and hang them. This is very simple, but the doors are obviously heavy and fragile, so you might need some assistance. Then, you can attach the hardware and rails to the glass doors. This is usually easy to do with a handheld screwdriver.

Caulking and Finishing the Project

The final step is to caulk every edge of the tracks. Using a clear, silicone caulk will waterproof the door and make it a little more secure.

This is a simple and fun way to upgrade your bathroom style. Contact a local outlet, such as Express Baths, for further assistance.

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