How To Paint The Best Lines

You don't need to have a bunch of training or skills to paint your interiors. Repainting your interior walls is one of the smartest and most cost-effective home improvements that you can do. If you are smart about it, you can even enlist the help of friends, family members and even your children for certain parts of the job. But, there is one part of the job that is a little difficult and requires a little practice and direction. This article explains how to paint along the edges. Whether you are painting a long crown molding, or just drywall corners, this article should help. 

Cutting In

Professional painters often use it technique that they call cutting in. But, it is difficult to get straight lines using this technique if you don't have a trained hand. You can get much straighter lines if you use painter's tape. However, painter's tape by itself often won't work perfectly. When taping off drywall, there are pores and texture on the surface that can cause problems. When you apply the tape, no matter how hard you push it down, it doesn't create a perfectly sealed line. This means that when you paint, paint can see underneath the tape and leave behind a splotchy, uneven finish.

Using Lightweight Spackling Paste

You can largely fix this problem if you have a little bit of lightweight spackling paste. The trick is to use your finger (wearing a rubber glove) to rub the spackling paste over the line that you are going to paint. Spread the paste very thinly. You don't actually want to leave a large amount of spackle on the surface that will visibly change the texture of your drywall.

The little amount of paste that you wipe onto your walls will fill in any gaps or holes underneath the tape. So, when you paint it later, no paint seeps underneath the tape. When you pull away the tape, you end up with a much cleaner line. In fact, you don't even need to wait for the paint or spackle to dry before pulling away the tape.

Obviously, this technique will add a significant amount of time to your paint job. It will probably at least double the time it takes to tape off your wall. But, in the end, your lines will look so good that your friends will think you had a professional paint your home. So it is well worth it!  

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