How To Change The Molding On Your Cabinet

You don't need to do a lot of work change the style of your cabinets. When it comes down to the style of a cabinet, the most important elements are the paint job, the molding and doors. The majority of the cabinet is square and plain. However, the decorative miters on the doors and molding are what truly define the unit. This article explains how to remove and replace molding on a cabinet to give it a fresh new look.

Removing the Old Molding

First, you need to remove the old molding without damaging your cabinet. Some scrapes and scratches are inevitable during the process. This is why it is a good idea to buy new molding that is thicker than your old molding. This way it will cover any scratches and also hide the old caulk line. First, cut through the caulk line with a razor blade or utility knife. Once this seal is broken, you can use chisels and a hammer to remove the molding. Lightly wedge the chisels underneath the molding and then pry it away from the cabinet. In most cases the nails will stay attached to the molding. If not, you can pull them out of the cabinet with a set of pliers.

Installing Molding

Installing molding is actually very easy if you have a pneumatic nail gun and air compressor. If you don't own a system, you can easily rent one for a day or two. You also need a miter saw to cut the molding to length. Make sure you have a saw that can make angled cuts. You need to cut inward and outward 45-degree angles along square corners. When you do this, the miter design on the molding matches up perfectly so it will look more seamless. To get the most accurate cuts you should hold the molding up to corner where it is going to be installed. Then, mark the back side of the molding with a pencil. If you cut right on this line, your cut should be accurate and you will eliminate the process of measuring with a tape and then transferring the measurement to the molding.

When shooting the nails into the molding, try to shoot them through the thickest part. Also, make sure your pressure it not too high or too low. If it is too low, the nail head will stick out. But if it is too high, it can shoot all the way through the wood.

The final step is to caulk the molding so it blends in with the cabinet and wall.

If replacing the molding alone is not a big enough change, explore new cabinet options through companies like CFA Cabinetry.

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