Types Of Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is made out of two or more different types of materials that are glued together and then sealed. Because of this unique method of fabrication, there are many different types of laminate flooring available on the market, each with their own unique set of advantages and disadvantages. Understanding what the main types of laminate flooring are and what they offer can help you choose the one that best fits your flooring installation needs.

Smooth Laminate Flooring

Smooth laminate flooring is designed to replicate the appearance of a brand new hardwood floor, at the fraction of the cost. A wide variety of different glosses can be applied to this type of laminate flooring, allowing for some degree of customization when it comes to the desired aesthetic. This type of laminate flooring tends to be the most affordable.

However, smooth laminate flooring can be easily scratched and disfigured by sharp objects, such as pet's nails. Furthermore, the smooth texture of this type of laminate flooring can be slippery, which can be a hazard for elderly homeowners or young children.

Textured Laminate Flooring

Textured laminate flooring seeks to emulate the grain of traditional wooden floorboard, and provides a greater degree of tactile grip when compared to its smooth counterpart. The main draw of textured laminate flooring is that it looks almost exactly like the material it is trying to emulate, and even feels like it too.

However, just like smooth laminate flooring, textured laminate flooring can be easily scratched and disfigured, destroying the appearance over time. Furthermore, it costs more than smooth laminate flooring, as the fabrication process is slightly more complicated.

Distressed Laminate Flooring

Distressed laminate flooring is a fairly unique flooring option. It is pre worn, similarly to how wooden floorboards can be pre worn or 'hand scraped' in order to give the appearance of age. Distressed laminate flooring seeks to emulate the appearance of older, worn wooden floors, and provides a greater degree of texture to the floorboards. The main draw of this type of flooring is the appearance: it looks very much like an antique wooden floor.

However, distressed laminate flooring is significantly more expensive when compared to other types of laminate flooring. While it is ideal for homeowners who are looking to emulate the look of hardwood floors without paying for an actual hardwood floor, distressed laminate flooring is not a budget option and would not be ideal for frugal minded homeowners.

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