Want To Keep Ants Out Of The Kitchen? 3 Things To Add While Remodeling

Ants are quite troublesome, especially in the kitchen. This is where you prepare food for the family, so it is the last place that you want to have an ant problem in your home. But, since it is also the room where they are most attracted to, you may find yourself with this particular issue on your hands. If you are ready to remodel your kitchen, you should add several things that can help with ant control.

Garbage Disposal

Ants are attracted to food and water sources. It is natural for food particles to get in your sink, whether you are washing vegetables, rinsing dishes, or getting ingredients together. However, when you do not have a garbage disposal, you need a sink drain to prevent food particles from going down all the way. Even then, the smallest food particles will get through and tiny pieces can get stuck in the mesh.

Adding a garbage disposal prevents you from needing to use a sink drain and it makes it easier to stay sanitary. You can put most food particles down the drain and run the disposal until everything is gone. Just make sure you know what to avoid, such as grease, pasta, potatoes, and most vegetable skins. This is an effective way to get food out of the kitchen, as opposed to putting everything in a trash bin.

Undermount Sink

Drop-in sinks are typically easier and more affordable to install compared to undermount sinks. But, despite an average savings of $35 on installation, they are not the ideal choice for avoiding ants. The issue with drop-in sinks is that they have a lip on the edges, so it is easy for things to get stuck in the crevices. Food particles become nearly impossible to completely remove from the lips. But, with an undermount sink, you do not have this problem because there is no lip for food that attracts ants to get stuck.

Solid Countertop Design

Many countertops have busy designs because they are great for concealing imperfections. But, they also do a great job of hiding food particles in plain sight. An easy solution is to switch your countertops for ones with a solid design, which will make it easier to spot crumbs. The starkness of both white and black counters is ideal as they make the crumbs stand out even more than colors like brown, green, or red.

Making these additions with your remodel will help you eliminate ants from the kitchen. To learn more, contact a company like Personal Touch Kitchens, Inc.

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