Inexpensive Decorations For A Newly-Renovated Bathroom

If the features in your bathroom were outdated and you recently had renovations completed to modernize the room, add some inexpensive decorations to various parts of the space that are lacking adornments to complement the changes that were made. The following ideas can be used to enhance the color of the tub, sink, walls, or trim so that the finished results are pleasing to your eyes.

Decorative Border

Measure the width of each wall in the bathroom and purchase a self-adhesive border that is the same size. Select a bold pattern that will stand out or one that contains soft, subtle colors that will blend in well with items that were recently installed and the linens that are hanging from the towel rack in the wall. Apply the border to clean, dry walls. Place a step ladder next to one of the walls and peel off the border's paper backing.

Line up the edge of the border with the top, edge of the wall. Press the border down firmly. Slowly attach the rest of the border, being careful to apply it in an even manner so that portions of it do not become creased. Move the ladder to other parts of the room as needed. 

Wall Sconces Or Candle Holders

Wall sconces or candle holders that outline the mirror in the bathroom or one of the windows can add depth to the room and will also offer the opportunity to increase lighting whenever desired. Select wall sconces or candle holders that match the style of the cabinets or any wood work that was installed in the bathroom. Use a measuring tape and pencil to mark areas on one of the walls that will be used to hold the decorative items. Install hardware pieces with a power drill so that the sconces or candle holders are secure. 

Back Splash 

If the area behind the bathroom sink has not been tiled, create a back splash with self-adhesive tiles that will complement the color of the sink's basin or its vanity. Measure and mark the area that you would like to cover with a back splash. Purchase enough self-adhesive tiles to cover the marked area. Self-adhesive tiles come in a variety of colors and are often designed to look like natural stones, such as quartz or granite. Peel the backing from each tile before lining it up and pressing it against the wall. 

The decorative items will help personalize the bathroom and they will be easy to maintain. Use mild soap and a soft cloth to clean the surface of each one if dirty residue is present. Contact a company like EcoHomeNY Designs Inc. to learn more.

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