Four Specific Floor Plan Mistakes To Avoid In Your Next Kitchen Remodel

Kitchens are busy places. Not only is it where you'll prep your food, but you'll often find other family members moving in and out of it throughout your cooking time. A kitchen doesn't just need to look nice -- it has to be functional. Therein lies many of the floor plan mistakes that are often introduced during the planning stage.

1. Trying to "Force" the Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is an absolutely lovely addition to any home -- provided that it fits. But many homeowners become enamored with the idea of a kitchen island without actually asking themselves whether it's appropriate. Before you decide to add in a kitchen island, question whether or not that will actually give you enough room to move around, especially with another person in the kitchen with you.

2. Not Considering Natural Light

Natural lighting makes a huge difference when creating a welcoming kitchen. Don't be the homeowner who commits to a cabinet set only to realize that it almost completely blocks off the one window. You should always think about your light sources before you design your kitchen, providing the most open space possible for them. This won't just make your kitchen more like a "home" -- it'll also make it far easier to work in.

3. Creating Dead Space

What happens when you install a stove or dishwasher directly adjacent to a corner? You lose the entire square footage of that corner -- you can't put any cabinets in it, and it's almost impossible to find storage that will fit. Ideally, you should be able to make use of every single area within your kitchen. This may require some inventive techniques, such as in-cabinet dollies.

4. Not Thinking About Overlap

There have been more than a few homeowners who have installed their appliances and drawers only to then quickly realize that they can't open their appliances without knocking into the corner of their drawers. It's very important to always leave a buffer of a few inches between anything that moves or opens. Failure to do this is going to lead to some very costly adjustments. 

Your remodeling contractors, like Homework Remodels, can help you get a better picture of what you want your kitchen remodel to look like. Remember, just because it looks fantastic at the showroom doesn't mean that it fits your home. You need to consider everything, from your windows to your walkways. 

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