Help Your General Contractor Build His/Her Business By Writing An Online Review

Having a reliable general contractor you can always call when something needs work around the house is a good feeling because you'll know each job will be done to your satisfaction within the timeline and cost estimate you were given. While you can thank the contractor in person and in writing, one of the best ways to convey your gratitude is to write a review. Find a local review site that provides information about contractors, create an account and think carefully about what you want to say. A well-written review can really help the contractor's business, which is something that he or she will appreciate. Here are some suggestions for crafting this wording.

Outline The Job That Was Performed

While there will be time to write about how pleased you are with your general contractor, make sure that you fully outline the job. This will prove helpful to other prospective customers who are perusing the review, as well as showcase the general contractor's various areas of expertise. Don't just say that the contractor put a window in for you, for example. Instead, share the steps involved in the job to the best of your knowledge, such as helping you select a window that would suit the look of the home, carefully cutting through the siding, installing the window, and then installing trim around it. 

Note Specific Things The Contractor Did Better Than Expected

Exceeding customers' expectations is something that general contractors strive to do, so make sure that you outline these areas. For example, you might say that the contractor told you that a particular project would be done in four days, but it was actually done in just over three days. Or, write how the contractor recommended buying some used supplies that were structurally sound and could help keep the cost of your job as low as possible without compromising the quality.

Share Any Short Anecdotes That Sum Up Your Experience

In many cases, you'll be able to use a short anecdote or two to further sum up your experience with the contractor. These details are valuable because a person reading them can put themselves in your shoes and want to hire the contractor as a result. For example, you could talk about the simple fact that the contractor took the time to carefully clean up after the job. Someone who is concerned about the cleanliness of a job will find this anecdote useful, which will really help the general contractor's business.

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