Turning A Sunroom Into A Greenhouse

Homeowners who already have a sunroom or who are thinking about installing one on their home can convert the whole room, or a small portion of it, into a workable greenhouse with very little investment. This is a fun home improvement exercise for many, particularly plant lovers.

Understanding The Nature Of A Sunroom

Sunrooms are additions to homes that are built primarily out of glass, though there's a limit to how much glass they can have in a living space. For example, the International Energy Conservation Code says that a room in a home can have no more than 40 percent of glass on the walls if it is a "conditioned living space." This means if it's an area where somebody plans to live, like a bedroom or living room.

Sunrooms, therefore, are classified as their own "exterior home" item in order to allow them to have more glass in their walls. These rooms also don't need workable plumbing systems or HVAC, but it isn't a bad idea to install them if a person plans on spending time in one during the hot summer months or the cold winter months. This is particularly true when converting one into a greenhouse.

Necessities For A Greenhouse

Converting a sunroom into a small greenhouse is relatively simple. All it takes is a few simple necessities which can be easily installed throughout the sunroom. These include:

  • UV lights – necessary for cloudy days, winter months, and supplemental light
  • Benches – these are where the plants will be placed
  • Heating source – keeps the plants from getting too cold during the winter months
  • Cleaning supplies – necessary for cleaning away fungus and other infectious items
  • Anti-insect measures – protecting plants from invasive pests is also necessary
  • Seating areas – let homeowners sit down and enjoy their greenhouse
  • Water supply – even a hose or a sink should be more than enough

When installing a sunroom, it is important to take these thoughts into consideration when building. For example, it is important to think of where the plants can be stored and where the sink or hose can hook up to allow water to be spread through the greenhouse quickly and easily.

Also important is having a place to hang sunlights. It is possible to find hanging lights which can be strung up above the various lights, but there may be portable stands which can also be used for lights. This makes it easy to move the lights to various areas of the sunroom without causing any serious problems and to turn it into a fun sitting room and greenhouse.

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