The Truth About Adding Vinyl Siding To Your Home

For homeowners that are wanting to revitalize the appearance of their home, the addition of siding may be one of the more efficient and effective investments. However, individuals with a limited understanding about siding may have difficulties in deciding whether or not this type of exterior will be a sound upgrade to make for their home.

Myth: Siding Will Appear out of Place on Your Home

Protecting the aesthetics of a home will be a major concern whenever upgrades and renovations are being considered. Homeowners might assume that vinyl siding will appear very out of place on their home's exterior. In particular, it is common to be worried that the siding will appear loose or otherwise improperly fit the home's exterior. However, professionally installed siding will be extremely discrete, and it is unlikely that anyone would notice that the siding was not part of the original home.

Myth: Siding Will Make a Home Less Energy-Efficient

While there are many home improvement projects that can have a sizable drain on a home's energy efficiency, this is not the case when it concerns vinyl siding being installed. In fact, energy efficiency gains can be an unintended side effect of adding siding. The vinyl siding will help to close many of the gaps that are allowing drafts into the home. This benefit can be further enhanced through the use of insulated siding.

Myth: Siding Will Never Need to Be Replaced

Vinyl siding is a highly durable material, but homeowners that assume that the siding will never need to be replaced may be disappointed to learn that the siding will eventually suffer enough wear to warrant its replacement. Luckily, replacing the vinyl siding is not something that will need to be done frequently as most siding is designed to last at least a decade before it needs to be replaced. While this will be an inconvenient project to undertake, it will need to be done far less frequently than painting the home's exterior.

Myth: Siding Will Cause the Exterior of the Home to Rot

It might seem as though water will easily become trapped between the siding and the home. If this were to occur, it would be possible for water damage to occur to the exterior. However, vinyl siding installation services will take extensive steps to prevent moisture from coming into contact with the home's exterior. One of the most effective devices for this will be a moisture barrier, which is essentially a large piece of rubber or durable plastic that can prevent water from coming into contact with the exterior. Also, the siding panels will incorporate some ventilation in them so that any moisture that gets through will be able to evaporate.

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